Building an ideal collection

of period piano 1750 - 1850

Building an ideal collection of period pianos from 1750 to 1850 (French, English, Viennese makers) accessible to pianists.


The 1806 Erard square piano belonging to La Nouvelle Athènes is being restored by Christopher Clarke, master of art, The disassembly of the instrument reveals a restoration in the early twentieth century, respectful but anachronistic for the knee pads which we will replace with a pedal board, in accordance with French usage . Inauguration on February 7, 2020 in the Salle Cortot , it is accessible to members at ARCAL in Paris


The 1847 Streicher Viennese grand piano from the Edwin Beunk collection was acquired thanks to "L'Or du Rhin" Foundation , through its generous donor. Received on October 12, 2018, at the Royaumont Foundation, it is accessible to members of La Nouvelle Athènes up to date with their subscription, in the Streicher "salon" near the Buttes Chaumont in Paris.

In contact with 18th century aesthetics with the scintillating stops of Pantaleon discovered on 1749 pianoforte Gottfried Silbermann, we are moving towards ordering a copy of 1788 clavecin Royal for 2022


We will have to continue our efforts to find Patrons and places to pursue the ideal collection : Walter 1800 5 1/2 octaves, a Viennese 1820-30 6 1/2 octaves, a 1840 Pleyel grand piano, a 1830 Pleyel pianino, a Clementi square , a 1820 Broadwood grand piano ... and other projects that require historical research, notably around Jean-Henri Silbermann, maker of the first pianoforte introduced in France around 1760

Partner locations in Paris for our restored pianos

The Streicher salon near the Buttes Chaumont has been hosting the Streicher 1847 since February 2020 after a stay in Royaumont

The Erard 1806 square piano has been deposited at the ARCAL studio, 87 rue des Pyrénées since February 2020

Reid Hall 4 rue de Chevreuse from February 2020

The Paris Normal School of Music A. Cortot hosts our 2019 concerts on February 2,3,4 2019, December 11,18,20 2019

The Petit-Palais Museum hosted the Erard queue 1838 by Note Romantiche (Verbania) from May 18 to June 30, 2019.

The Mahler Music Library (20-21) being developed with the Royaumont Foundation

We are looking - thanks to the association's network and word of mouth - for other places…

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