Mon, 25 Oct | Arcal

Workshop La Romance, Erard 1806 square piano

With Stéphane Fuget harpsichord, vocal director, Luca Montebugnoli pianoforte, Claire Lefilliatre vocals and Clotilde Verwaerde musicologist
Workshop La Romance, Erard 1806 square piano

Heure et lieu

25 Oct, 10:00 – 28 Oct, 19:00
Arcal, 87 Rue des Pyrénées, 75020 Paris, France

À propos de l'événement

This 3-day romance workshop will allow you to discover a whole section of the French vocal repertoire that is still too often overshadowed by melody. This vocational training workshop will provide travel certificates regardless of health conditions.


Maximum number of duos or solos: 10, i.e. 3 one-hour lessons over 3 days

License and + pianoforte, open to "modern" pianists and harpsichordists initiated in Royaumont or La Nouvelle Athens

The training workshops will take place at ARCAL, 87 rue des Pyrénées 75020 Paris (Metro Maraichers or Nation)


Registration on this site to be validated by the teaching team, then transfer Cycle Atelier Erard 1806 and Claviers XVIIIe (4d):

Price: 180 € with 4 lunches, 150 € with 4 lunches for members of La Nouvelle Athens, 120 € without lunch.

For duos formed, we ask you to register individually and to let us know your partner in your cover letter.

A keyboardist or a singer can register alone and we will form duets.


This vocational training workshop will provide travel certificates regardless of health conditions.


Romance :

Behind an aesthetic of simplicity resolutely distinct from operatic bel canto, these works require a real finesse of interpretation: from the canvas that constitutes the score, the singers will work on the affects of this repertoire and their implementation, while the Keyboardists will be able to familiarize themselves with the many models of keyboard accompaniment and the constant adaptation of playing modes and choice of figures required when switching from one keyboard instrument to another.


Rise and golden age of romance

The aria "In my dark cabin" by the Devin du village de Rousseau in 1752 was to launch one of the most fashionable genres in French vocal music of the last decades of the Enlightenment: with its strophic form, its melodic turn to both simple and expressive, romance conquered both the stage of the opéra-comique and the salons of the Ancien Régime, and in particular that of Queen Marie-Antoinette. One of the best-known examples among pre-revolutionary romances remains “Plaisir d'amour”, music by J.-P.-G. Martini on a text by Monsieur de Florian, author famous for his short stories and pastoral novels. Far from disappearing with the revolution, romance knew how to adapt and convey very different affects, from patriotic texts to dark romances in the influence of Gothic novels and fantastic legends, without ever forgetting its first sentimental impulses.


The repertoire approached during the workshop devoted to Romance was placed on purpose at the turn of the century, a period corresponding to the association's Érard square piano and to an explicit desire of certain composers to take advantage of the different sounds of this type. instrument by including, for example, very specific pedal indications such as the so-called "celestial" one. Vocal part as accompaniment become more elaborate without ever completely abandoning the original search for simplicity. The score constitutes a canvas on which the singer and accompanist must delicately weave the feelings expressed in each verse. The objective of the workshop is precisely to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to initiate a historically informed reflection on how to interpret this repertoire and get out of the simple framework of the score without going beyond the limits of the genre.


Educational and practical organization

Each session will be preceded by a day during which the trainees will be able to come and familiarize themselves with the different keyboard instruments available:

List of instruments:

Piano Carré Erard 1806, New Athens collection,

Clementi 1800 Square Piano, Emile Jobin collection,

18th century harpsichord

Typical calendar

The first day is a rehearsal day for the duets on the Erard 1806 piano and the Clementi.

The three days of training are organized as follows: a musicological presentation opens each day on a specific theme as a preamble to the working sessions with specialist speakers. The duos will be able to take lessons in pairs and on request a tailor-made instrumental lesson. These sessions end each day with a round table, the opportunity to discuss the interpretation techniques used and to build a collective reflection.


Directory to prepare, mp3 recording of one of the following pieces:

“Plaisir d'amour”, Romance du Chevrier in Célestine , Nouvelle de Monsieur le Chevalier by Florian, set to music by JPG Martini in 1785 (on page 18 of the collection accessible via the link below)

"A la fortune" (p. 2), "Amoroso" (p. 7) and "Charlotte sur le tombeau de Werther" (p. 12) in the Collection of romances and songs (1795) by Jean-Louis Adam;2

“Le Regard” by Félix Blangini

"A une forêt" by Louis Jadin (n ° 3 p. 6 of the collection accessible via the link below)

Other romances, not available online, will be made available to participants before the workshop.

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