Classica April 2021 Fabienne Bouvet - Disc Chopin-Franchomme E.Torbianelli & F. Caida-Greco

“"Far from the lyrical versions given on modern instruments, the spirit of the salon dominates here [...] his way of privileging not the melody but the harmony, underlining all the inventiveness of the composer - Chopin's Nocturne op.48 no.2, tightrope walker and delicate, Franchomme's Nocturne op.14 no.2, of a sensitivity to weep. What can be said, finally, of the marvellous rubato with which the pianist constantly irrigates his sophisticated but natural discourse? Has anyone ever heard such a scansion in Chopin?» To order on our site

Diapason April 2021 - Bertrand Boissard For the glory of the romantic piano

The association La Nouvelle Athenes intends to promote knowledge of 19th century keyboards, under the most diverse aspects: design, history, modes of play, interpretation ...

[ …] The modes of interpretation on old instruments however require more than a simple adaptation: they imply, for purely mechanical reasons (like the absence of the double escapement), but also aesthetic, other habits, another state. of spirit. It is on this observation that Sylvie Brély, founder of Zig-Zag Territoires records and former director of the keyboards department of the Royaumont foundation, founded La Nouvelle Athens. […] In this dialogue between musicians, collectors, masters of art, restorers and music lovers, New Athens is now asserting itself as a major player in the craze for old pianos. By this return to the sources, it is a little of the Paris of Chopin, Sand and Delacroix which is reborn.

October 2020 - France Musique - Connected music, Suzanne Gervais

New Athens may well pamper old pianos, it has just launched its video streaming platform. The first dates are all devoted to Beethoven's piano music.
Also, and this is more than uncertain given the health context, a festival, a real one, organized by the Center des Pianos Romantiques, must take place in Paris, Salle Colonne, on November 8 and 9.
Several events are in any case already online: masterclasses, playlists, musicological videos, for all ages, to discover or deepen your knowledge of romantic musical playing and dive into the fascinating history of early pianos. of the 19th century, an abundant period, all over the place, a troubled period, intense if ever there was one.

It is a paid streaming offer but it is a small investment that will appeal to perhaps the most passionate music lovers and pianists who wish to specialize in this repertoire and to rub shoulders with the historically informed playing.

Listen to the broadcast: https://www.francemusique.fr/emissions/musique-connectee/une-plateforme-de-streaming-dediee-aux-pianos-romantiques-88190

June 2020 - Musikzen, Franck Mallet

"We thus go from an elegant sentimental Nocturne by Czerny to an arrangement by Liszt of the famous lied Auf dem Wasser by Schubert, to Funérailles, the seventh piece of Liszt's Poetic and Religious Harmonies, a no less famous march conceived as a poem. symphonic, brilliantly performed by Olga Pashchenko. If the Chopin des deux Valses op. 69, from the Fantaisie-Impromptu op. 66 and the Prelude op. 28 n ° 8 is familiar to us, on the other hand Edoardo Torbianelli gives life to this rare favorite theme of La Norma de Bellini by Franco-German Kalkbrenner (1785-1849) - darling of the salons which impressed the young Chopin. »Franck Mallet


May 2020 - Diapason, Jérôme Bastianelli

A review emphasizing "the elegance and atmosphere of romantic salons favorable to experimentation: Olga Pashchenko pushes" old Erard 1838 to his limits in Liszt's Funeral ", Edoardo Torbianelli engages in" original but convincing dynamic oppositions in Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu ", Laura Granero " highlights some fleeting counterpoints ", the Lélio ensemble (Benjamin d'Anfray, Lucie Arnal, Roberta Cristini, Jeanne Mendoche) present" a dialogue as tasty as it is unexpected from the soprano and the clarinet "from the aria of Freischutz ..." Jérôme Bastianelli


January 2020 - Le Figaro, Christian Merlin

“Concerts off the beaten track” Showing imagination and creativity, private producers come up with incredible projects.

“… Here is La Nouvelle Athens, founded by Sylvie Brély, former director of a record company who is passionate about vintage pianos: the weekend of the inauguration of the fascinating Erard square piano of 1806 acquired by her association, from 7 to February 9 (Salle Cortot and Reid Hall), will be the prelude to a series of concerts which will enrich our knowledge of the romantic keyboard ”


December 2019 - All Culture, Gilles Charlassier

“More than ever, La Nouvelle Athens is asserting itself as a melting pot of rediscovery and sharing. "

December 2019 - All Culture, Gilles Charlassier

"Jewel of the Ecole Normale de Musique, founded by one of the greatest French pianists and pedagogues of the first half of the twentieth century, who moreover bequeathed its name to it, the Salle Cortot and its intimate acoustics, appreciated as the one of the best for the chamber repertoire, on the eve of the end of the year celebrations, hosts a series of three concerts by New Athens - Center des pianos romantiques, an association initiated by Sylvie Brély who brings to life, on period instruments, the first decades of the piano, and the wealth of technical experiments forgotten by the standards that today's large halls generally impose. If this quest for authenticity has become part of musical mores for the baroque repertoire, it is still rather reserved for museography and recording for the romantic piano. It is one of the challenges of this melting pot of artists, musicologists, luthiers and restorers, to give life back to the concert, to these colors and expressiveness in tune with what the composers themselves could hear and imagine - the first disc produced by La Nouvelle Athens, just released, published by Son an ero and which resuscitates an evening in a romantic Parisian salon on an Erard from 1838, was also burned in public at the Petit Palais last June. "

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

September 2019 - Classicagenda, Julien Bordas

Monday, September 23, a discreet inner courtyard in the 20th arrondissement is buzzing around the piano. More exactly the romantic piano. The association "La Nouvelle Athens - Center des pianos romantiques" has set up in the premises of Arcal (National Company of Lyrical and Musical Theater) for a few hours to evoke the 18th century pianofortes. The participants are recognized keyboardists: we meet Martin Gester, Aurélien Delage, Aline Zylberajch, Philippe Grisvard, or even Jean-Luc Ho . Letter carriers and musicians complete the assistance.

Objective of the association? Allow a rereading of the romantic repertoire on period pianos, promote access for pianists to instruments dating from 1750 to 1850, and share knowledge on the subject with the public and among its members. The latter are made up of harpsichordists, pianists, collectors, restorers, musicologists, and music lovers.

…. Like an organ, the tone possibilities of the pianoforte seem endless! The next meetings of The New Athens promise to be captivating.


Diapason February 2019 - Old pianos file, Alain Lompech

Is His Majesty Steinway about to be dethroned? More and more musicians, collectors and concert organizers are interested in pianos from the Romantic era and their unique sounds. Three days of festival, in Paris, these days testify to this quest for origins.

In the summer of 2018, the Warsaw Chopin Competition, the most prestigious of all, was combined for the first time with a competition on old pianos that will continue to exist. Could one imagine a more dazzling way of defending the cause of this return to basics, as also evidenced by the meetings organized by the Royaumont Foundation in its lands of the Val d'Oise, as in more Parisian places.

The New Athens Festival. Paris, Salle Cortot, February 2 and 3, Maison Heinrich Heine, February 4.

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.